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Track your blood sugar levels, nutrition, activity and sleep for two weeks and learn which small changes can really bring your glucose under control.

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You're unique.

And your blood sugar has a unique response to nutrition, activity and sleep that's unlike anyone else's.

A new, painless continuous glucose monitoring wearable can track your sugars in real time to give you life-changing insights.

Epicure makes it easy.

Capture real-time glucose

Painlessly and straight to the cloud

Track your food easily

Localised food database

Collect sleep & steps

With your phone or wearable

Get real-time insights

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Success Stories


Sales manager, 8-year diabetes

I prioritise getting 7h sleep now I know my daytime glucose levels are so sensitive to a lack of sleep.

Li Han

Engineering, 6 kg weight loss target

After seeing my sugars jump after eating hor fun, I choose kway teow less often than yellow noodles.


Admin, 3-year prediabetes

Knowing my post-lunch sugars don't spike as much if I walk after lunch makes me feel better about going out to lunch rather than ordering in.


Frequently asked questions

How does EpiCure work?

EpiCure analyses your nutrition, activity, sleep and blood sugar to help you understand which small choices can really modulate your blood sugar throughout the day. EpiCure is based on leading scientific research and leverages AI to pick up these key insights.

Why do I need a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)?

A CGM provides continuous blood glucose information over two weeks that sporadic finger-prick testing may miss. EpiCure's AI learns from these blood sugar changes and your behaviours to identify which choices in nutrition, activity and sleep can really smooth out those sugar spikes.

Why should I monitor my sugar levels?

Sugar spikes are often caused by eating carbohydrates like sugary foods and drinks, rice, noodles, bread and potatoes. In the short-term, sugar spikes cause your energy and mood to jump but then crash, and even instigate your craving for more carbohydrates. This is why sugar spikes are correlated with obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even depression. Monitoring sugar levels helps you quickly bring these under control.

Does wearing the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) hurt?

Not at all! In fact, it's much less painful than traditional finger-prick blood glucose sampling. Nearly all users agree it's comfortable to wear (93%) and painless or nearly painless (83%).